As a community, we’ve talked about it for a long time. But in reality, to make change happen, we have to fight for it.

We’re fighting for decent Aged Care funding, for reforms that deliver better care, to keep aged care homes open, for more home care support packages, for shorter waiting times, for investment in more staff and professional training, for greater choice of type of care, for more integrated care, for community inclusion, compassion and connection.

I will fight for our older people

Join our fight for better aged care. Fight because what’s happening now just isn’t good enough. Fight because it’s what our older people deserve.



We are a community of people who are fighting for better care of our aged. How we care for our older people is a fundamental test of any civilised society. Any normal society. However, there are some things happening right now that just shouldn’t be normal.



It shouldn’t be normal that almost half of our aged care residents don’t receive visitors. It shouldn’t be normal that people living with dementia don’t receive the care they need. It shouldn’t be normal that passionate staff are undertrained. It shouldn’t be normal that underpaid staff are over worked. It shouldn’t be normal that our older people are dying waiting for home care packages. It shouldn’t be normal that many aged care homes are on the brink of collapse. It shouldn’t be normal that we spend less than other countries caring for our elderly. It shouldn’t be normal that over a certain age, people start to become invisible, even forgotten. It shouldn’t be normal… but somehow it is.

We believe it’s time for a new normal, because what is normal now just isn’t good enough. We can and must do better. Fight for better aged care with us.


I will fight
for our older people.

For our grandparents, brothers, sisters, teachers, nurses, friends. For those who have valued us, I will value them. I will fight for those who find it harder to fight for themselves these days. I will fight for my future self.





Fight for Better Aged Care is proudly supported and funded by Catholic Health Australia as part of meeting the organisation’s important advocacy goals.

The campaign is authorised by Patrick Garcia of Catholic Health Australia, 51 Cooyong Street Braddon ACT 2612.

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